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I keep thinking about school and how much work i have nad how little time i have left till the mega exams and i just panic!!! Thankfully there's Johnnys... HAHA I just keep procrastinating and watching arashi and K8 videos to make myself happier and to cheer up and calm down!!!

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When I was in high school, I am kind of un reading book student before exam, but I love to lecture and sit in quite.
Do the concentration asking myself about the topics I have to test.
Sometimes, I have to spend more than 2 hours for drawing picture in order to do the concentration before I have get in to examination!

XD I know how hard you'd force to but now it's pass,right?
Nowwwww time to enjoy!!! *LOL*
*Spread my arms*

Haha i was so surprised when i saw a reply!
I had my major exams last year and the results werent that good so i retook itagain. The results are coming out in march.
Im glad to hear that your okay! :)

Which countrt are you from btw?
Im japanese and living in Singapore. I dont even look japanese anymore. Hahaha

Thank you for your encouragement, GANBARE to the both of us.


I am from Thailand XD
So surprise that you're Japanese and also aboard student!
So surprise! XD anyway!

IN March! let's be the supproter for each other!
My examination for master degree also releases on March! (or may be faster, nothing sure yet but first I have to take an exam on 7/02)

Now being with text books all the day and sometimes have to go out for more text books or something I must have to know or read!

Now I have 5 lists of books I must have but I no time to go out for looking for it *Yatta ; 7 ; / --- Yatta janai!!!!!*


XD Fight---on!

Wowwww Masters???
What are you studying?
Yes lets support each other! :)
So many books! I took english literature so i understand when you say you have so many books! I had 5 too! So much stuff >.<
Wish you luck for your results!!!

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